The Best Way to Plan a Birthday Party


Planning a birthday party for your kids can be super exciting and super overwhelming all at the same time. It can be fun to pick out a theme, dream about activities, and imagine all the fun they will have. It can also be super stressful to actually have to figure out all the little details and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Even though my kids are younger, I’ve had experience with planning parties and just know exactly how stressed I can get. I always start off with the best intentions and tell myself I will plan things in advance, nothing will fall through the cracks, and I won’t allow myself to freak out at all.

A month before the party, the same thing always happens. I realize how behind I am, the things I should have already started and I go into paralysis mode where not a lot of things actually get done in advance.

Can you relate?

Whether you’re a mom who plans things last minute or one who wants to make it Pinterest perfect, I am sure that you would love to have a system to make party planning easier. Instead of random notes that you keep on your phone, papers all over the place, and a million things pinned all over, you need a system that is streamlined and simple.

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plan a birthday party Trello

Using Trello to Get Organized
I use Trello for organizing almost everything in my life! You can read more about how I use it for prayer and cleaning in past posts that I’ve written. You can also watch my step by step video above if that helps you learn better!

When it comes to party planning though, Trello is a mom’s best friend. Not only will it keep you organized but, it allows you to delegate out tasks (because we know grandma wants to help!), save ideas you find on Pinterest instead of forgetting about what you pinned where, and syncs up with your google calendar to send you reminders to call and order the cake and other party tasks.

This year, I am using it to plan my son’s first birthday party, and, for once, I actually feel like I have a great grasp on what I need to get done and when. His birthday isn’t for 3 months and I feel like I am going to be less stressed and more organized and actually get to enjoy the party instead of freaking out because I forget that extra set of cups that I needed.

Trello for prayer requests

Step #1: How to Copy My Boards

If you want to copy the board, you’ll need a Trello account to do so but it’s free so that rocks. Once you log in and go to the link, head right on over to the right where it says SHOW MENU. Next, hit the MORE button and hit COPY BOARD. When you copy the board, you can decide if you want to rename it and where you want it to go. Feel free to use it as a template, to get ideas, and customize however you want!

Trello for birthday parties
Step #2: Create Workflow Cards

Trello is great for party planning because you can create workflow cards and start planning in advance. At the top, start with creating a list based on what you want the order to be. Some of the ones I have created include; phone calls to make, things to buy, ideas, RSVP, and done!

Under each of those sections, you can add in a card (simply by typing and hitting enter) for each list. Then, the fun begins! You can customize each card with all the details you need!

Step #3 Customize Each Card

For the party, you can add images of things you might come across or find over on Pinterest to save for later! I can’t tell you how many times I pin something just to forget where I saved it! This way, all those ideas are in each place.

You can also go to the RIGHT and click MEMBERS to assign someone else a task. This way, if Uncle Jim is in charge of the birthday cake, he’ll get the notification (as long as he signs up for the board too) to remember to do it. Members are also super helpful for any sort of group event like a wedding! We currently are using a Trello board for my sister’s wedding so that all of the bridesmaids can communicate without a million emails or lost Facebook notifications!

I also like to customize the charts using LABELS. Labels allow you to easily color-code tasks so that it’s easier to scan through and see what you need to complete. This Is also super helpful when you make a list for the Guest List! You can put all the invitees on a card and label them whether they are attending or not!

Due dates are also a great way to make sure things get done in order and on time! You can sync to your google calendar so that all of your notifications pop up there. You just need to get the CALENDAR power up and then sync it. To sync, go the calendar and get the URL. Then, head to your Google calendar, click on the left where it says ADD CALENDAR, by URL, and paste the link in! Then voila… it’ll come up on your phone!

Trello cleaning board

Trello cleaning board

You can always just watch my YouTube tutorial if you want to look over my shoulder as I make a board if you have any more questions! How do you plan birthday parties? Leave your top tips and thoughts in the comments!

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