Digitally Organize Your Prayer Time to Become a Prayer Warrior

When it comes to keeping consistent with my personal prayer and the prayer request of others, I find if I don’t have a good system, that it just doesn’t happen. And while I know that my relationship with the Lord is my #1 priority, some of the tasks that go along with that (like my daily reading and prayer) need a good system just like anything else to become a habit.

Prior to this system, I found myself saying “of course, I’ll pray for you’”, praying in the moment and then forgetting about it. How many times have you seen a Facebook post asking for prayers and it slips your mind to continually pray for that person or situation? It doesn’t make you a bad person at all but, with a little routine and system, you can become the person who not only constantly keeps up your prayers but follows up with people and spends more time with God.

For a while, I was using a notebook to track things but found that having yet another notebook wasn’t creating a system that worked for me. I was forgetting to even look at the notebook when it was time for prayer and it made me feel even more unorganized. I finally figured out an easy system that I could follow that made my life easier because it was digital, organized, and helped me create a great prayer habit.

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Creating a Prayer Habit

I’ve finally gotten into a good habit of my morning bible reading time (which happens as often as possible before my littles gets ups) but I found myself struggling to remember to pray for others. In the mornings, I would say my normal prayers for our world, our community, my family, and myself but wanted a time where I would be purposefully praying with others. Sure, I would add in prayer for those who asked in the morning or in the moment as it happened, but I knew that a more structured system would really make me feel more purposeful.

I decided that at night, after my evening routine and before I got into bed I would dedicate a few minutes (some nights it was just a minute and others it could be 10 or more) to praying for others. I wanted to make sure that I was praying purposefully and not just doing a ‘one and done’ prayer. I wanted to follow up with people more, send them scripture, and well wishes during the week as I thought about it and just be a better servant of Christ.

If you’re looking to create a streamlined habit, my first recommendation is to schedule the time to do so. Just saying you’ll pray or be n the word is not enough, you have to be intentional until the habit is natural. So often we feel strange scheduling out our time with God but trust me, the more you work on the habit, the easier it becomes in your day today. And while I have these bookends of my day scheduled out for God, I am still in conversation with Him all day informally (I mean I am a mom of little ones so you know… “Jesus help me” comes out of my mouth and in my mind a LOT!).

Creating a digital system for prayer requests

The system that I have found that works best for me is using the electronic organizational website and app, Trello. Trello is a free digital organizational site that lets you create workflows, organizational charts, and just keep your life in order! You can use both their website (which I use for initial creation mostly) and their app (for your day to day and on the go use).

I set up a board on my Trello account specifically for prayer requests. This was I can not only record who I am praying for but keep notes, the scripture I want to send them, and have a place where I can remember to actually follow up with the person. Trello is super easy to use!

Below, I’ve not only created a video showing you how to make the board but if you click the picture, you can copy my whole template!

You’ll need to create a free Trello account if you don’t already have one. Once you are on the board, just click on the right side to MORE and hit COPY BOARD. This will put it on your dashboard. You can rename it to work for you and if you hit KEEP CARDS, it will keep it exactly like mine. If you just want the headings, then uncheck that box.

Now onto the goodies…. watch the video below for my step by step tutorial or read each description. I’ve taken some screenshots to hopefully help walk you through the process! I swear, it’s super simple!

How to Create a Trello Board for Prayer Requests

Using Trello to create a board is SUPER simple! There are some great things that Trello can do but for this, you might just want to keep it simple so you can be organized. If you don’t want to create your own and just skip a step, COPY my template to your base and voila! It’s all yours!

But if you want to learn how you can just make your own follow these super easy steps!

Step #1

After you go in to create your first board, you’ll want to create a NEW LIST. This is where you can list out the basics categories such as ‘needs prayer’ and ‘follow up’.

Step #2

Under each of those lists, you create a card for the individual person. On this card, you can type in notes, more about the person or their request, and add comments and updates. There is nothing more amazing than seeing checking back to prayer requests and seeing how God has worked in someone’s life! I also add in labels such as church family, extended family, kid’s friends, etc… so that when it’s Monday and I am praying for my church family, I can easily see those cards.

Step #3

As you pray for a person, you can move their card from one list to another so that you know which ‘stage’ of the prayer request they are in. This is where you can continue to pray for a situation or person or even ad a due date to remind you to follow up with them. I like to add in scripture that I come across that I could text that person if I know they might be having a tough time or an exciting interview or appointment!

I also keep a list of scripture that I organize by topics such as anxiety, faith, and love. This way, when I want to grab a verse to send to someone, I can easily find it! I have so many notebooks cluttering my home just filled with random verses and, since using this system, I finally feel like they are organized and in one place!

I use the Trello app a ton to jot down prayer requests and check my chart. I often ask women in my Facebook group, on my social media, or in real life how I can pray for them, and this way, I can make sure I do it!

We live in such a digital age that it’s awesome to have a tool like Trello out there to help us keep our lives organized. I use it for everything from meal planning to organizing work projects and am glad I decided to organize my prayers in the same manner! Feel free to head over and snag my template for prayer requests!!

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