Organize the Holidays with the Ultimate Christmas Party Planner


Organize the Holidays with the Ultimate Christmas Party Planner

Attempting to organize Christmas and the holiday season can be tough! There are parties to host, events to attend, and a million gifts to get. You need a Christmas checklist so you can stay organized and I’m super pumped to share the ultimate Christmas checklist and party planner with you!

I’ve gone through stages where I tried to remember things on my own, I thought my paper lists would get me through and I just wound up more stressed out than I needed to be. I ended up with paper all over my house, more clutter, and just kept forgetting all of the things I needed to get done.

Maybe you’ve been here too.

But this year will be different. This year, I have my secret ‘mom organizer’ and the one that keeps me focused on almost everything I have to do.

This year, I’ll be using Trello.

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What is Trello?

Trello is my mom BFF. It’s a digital organizational tool that allows me to make lists, take notes, save attachments, and keep myself super organized. It’s actually completely replaced by my paper planner (I know, crazy right?!?) and lets me share my tasks with others so I’m not the only one in charge of things … Yes, mamas. We don’t have to do it all ourselves!

Creating a Trello board as your one-stop holiday organizational spot is going to make this season incredible for you! You’ll be able to not only keep your Christmas budget in one place but can also organize gifts you want to go (and ones you get so you aren’t overbuying), but all of your basic checklists for Christmas parties you have to host, and all of the things you need to remember but probably won’t.

I’ve created an entire Christmas planning Trello board for you so that you don’t have to start from scratch! You can watch the overview below and if you want to download the board, just watch the video on how to copy the board and create a free Trello account!

Christmas Party Planner

The top thing that I love to use Trello for is as a party planner. We don’t host a lot over the holidays but we do host Christmas with my husband’s family (and some years Christmas Eve with my family), so I want to make sure I’m on top of things.

I make lists of all of the tasks that I need to get done and keep a lot of checklists on each card to keep organized. This includes things from what rooms need to get cleaned, food I need to buy, and invitations that need to get sent out.

You can use Trello to keep your general RSVP list as well. By creating labels, you can make it super simple to see who is coming and how many you need to prepare for.

As a couponer, I also know that I can shop early for a lot of our general food items since they start going on sale in early October. Many non-perishables and baking products can be found for super cheap if you start to shop early enough. You can use a Trello board to track what sales you’ve found, how much of something you may need, and what you’ve actually gotten.

Christmas Gift Planner

Trello is also the ultimate Christmas Gift Planner! Since I love to do all things on a budget, I start shopping super early for Christmas gifts. I create separate cards on my Christmas gift list for every person that I have to purchase something for.

When I have ideas of great gifts, I can save links from Amazon or Pinterest so that I don’t forget them. If I buy a gift in advance, I can write down that I’ve done it and what it is AND where I’m storing it so I don’t forget.

I’ve also used this specific Christmas Gift list on Trello to track what Christmas stuff I bought at the end of the season (because you should never pay full price for wrapping paper!) when it was at 75%+ off.

This board can also work for you to grab some birthday gift ideas during the year and just put general ideas that you see or things you hear them talking about.

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Christmas Meal Planner

Trello also works as a great meal planner for your baking or Christmas cooking needs.

You can create one big list with all of the events you have going on and what you might need to bake for. You also can start to save ideas from Pinterest or link to your favorite recipes meals you want to make.

If you’re not hosting, this is a great place to keep a list of what you bring to other peoples’ homes and which dishes are winners!

I actually have a general recipe Trello Board that I keep all of the ideas I see on Pinterest (you know the ones you actually will make, not just the ones you pin) that makes meal planning super easy!

Hope Trello makes your party planning less stressful and keeps you organized for Christmas and beyond! If you want to learn more about Trello, head over here and get a FREE video series with some of my favorite boards AND a Trello 101 course!

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