How to Find More Time to Be Productive as a Busy Mom

How to Find More Time to Get Things Done

Since we have a finite number of hours to get things accomplished, it’s important to have systems and routines that help you get things done.

These don’t always have to be where you spend hours and hours cleaning your home, making elaborate meals, or working on your goals.

Sure, these huge chunks of times are helpful but, as a super busy mom, I’ve found that I get more done in the margins of my day and 15-minute chunks than anything else!

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How to Find More Time in the Day

While I know we all think that we truly are maximizing our time, I want to encourage you to start looking for those minutes where you can sneak in a few time saving productive tasks.

This is not to say that you have to always ‘be on’ and doing things – that’s just a recipe for burn out – but start looking at ways you can get small tasks done instead of putting them off.

To start, I encourage you to do a time inventory for 3-4 days (or a week if you can!). This is where you literally write down every single thing you’re doing and the time it takes you to do it.

Spend 30 minutes folding and putting away laundry? Write it down!

Scrolling Pinterest for a dinner recipe for 10 minutes? Track it!

Commuting to and from work for an hour a day? Mark it on your sheet!

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Writing down and doing a detailed time inventory will help you see a few things. First, it’ll show you where the bulk of your time is spent (obviously). After you see this, ask yourself “is this where my top priority lies?” Because if not, you might need to move some things around!

Now I know we can’t always change work or school schedules but if one of your top 3 priorities is your children and you spend more time doing housework then with them, it’s time to make some shifts.

The second thing you’ll learn from a time inventory is where you can delegate, where you are wasting time and places you can sneak in small and mindless tasks.

I bet that you’ll find that there are moments in your day being wasted (like when you’re commuting) that you could fill with phone calls (hands-free of course!), listening to audiobooks or talking intentionally with your kids. You’ll also find time where you truly could sneak in minutes to get your housework done, easy emails are written, or short tasks completed.

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